Manchester Skatepark


The Town of Manchester, together with the Manchester Skatepark Committee, are collaborating to develop a world-class skatepark in Southern Vermont. The Town kicked off the project with the appropriation of $50,000 in matching funds, a donation of land and a pledge to manage and maintain the park.

The Town has selected a 22,000 sq. foot site at the Dana L. Thompson Memorial Park, and Grindline Skateparks has developed a master design. The park will be constructed in 3 phases as funds are raised.

As of June 2019, over $335,000 had been raised for the park, with construction of Phase 1 underway. Phase 2 fundraising is underway.

Let’s keep Grindline Skateparks here all summer and build both Phase 1 and 2. Can we count on you to contribute whatever funds, equipment or services you can afford and help us move that much quicker to Phase 2?